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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Puzzle Update - Week 6

In Week 6 we sold 34 puzzle pieces! That makes for 199 pieces put together total. And, we finished the border! Woohoo! That seriously makes me really happy. Lame, I know. ;) Only 808 pieces to go!

And I know I say it a lot, but truly. . .thank you everyone for all of the support with this. It means so much to us. We're really enjoying getting to work on it. We have the puzzle setup in our nursery and it's been so much fun to just hangout and spend some time in there together each evening.

Please know that every time after we put a set of pieces together, we say a prayer over the names that have been added to the puzzle. Each one of you has blessed us so much with your genorosity and we want to bless you back in any way we can. Thank you again for all of the continued love and support!

That bottom section is everything we got done this week.

The completed border!

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