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I am so happy being married and living with my best friend. We adopted our first child, Ari, in 2011 through a domestic adoption and our second, Jude, in 2014.

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Friday, February 29, 2008

Project 365 #4

February 22nd - I already have my Spring decorations out. Wishful thinking, I suppose!

February 23rd - A quiet, rainy Saturday afternoon at Starbucks with Mike.

February 24th - My whole family went to go see Jon (my oldest brother) working at Red Lobster and he brought out a real lobster for the girls to see!

February 25th - Mike and I got to go to the zoo with our nieces! This is how Mike and Abijah spent most of their time.

February 26th - Mike in costume for Kappa's Spring Sing show. They're doctors (obviously).

February 27th - Mike and I like to have Jamba Juice for dinner every now and then.

February 28th - Mike's club, Kappa, goes to Buffalo Wild Wings every Thursday night. Well this time they invited a lot more people to come - a lot more! Everyone you can see in the picture is from OC, and it's probably only half the people that were there. It was a lot of fun!

Monday, February 25, 2008

The True Windy City

The other week Danna mentioned Oklahoma City being the "true windy city." Oh, how this could not be more true! The wind simply never stops here. It has gotten to the point where I rarely even fix my hair or wear it down because the wind will just mess it up. (Good thing I already have my man!) ;)

I have added a video just to show what I get to hear daily from inside my apartment. I look forward to the day of being able to leave this town in a year! :)

Friday, February 22, 2008

Project 365 #3

Nope, I still haven't come up with a more creative title. Oh well, here's my third week on this project!

February 15th - Our friends Adam and Amanda (in the middle) got engaged! All of us pictured were there for each other's engagements and we're all getting married this summer.

February 16th - Ethne's 2nd birthday party!

February 17th - One of my favorite things: lounging on the couch in my favorite pants.

February 18th - Chatting online with Michael, my brother, and Ethne. (You can see Mike and I down in the corner!)

February 19th - It wasn't even 9:30 pm yet and I was already headed to bed. I am definitely feeling the 'fatigue' side effect of these Lupron shots!

February 20th - My roommate is completely addicted. She never misses a night!

February 21st - Well, I aired my roommate's addiction, so I suppose I have to air mine: LOST. I never miss a night! :)

Friday, February 15, 2008

Project 365...#2?

(I need to come up with a more creative title!)

February 8th - Everyone loves getting stuff in the mail, and I had a very good mail week! I got rain boots that I had ordered from Target, a care package from Memorial, and a letter from Nancy Brown (teacher with my mom and mother of several of my friends) just as an encouragement for all the medical stuff I'm dealing with right now.

February 9th - I have always wanted to own a spoon handle ring and Mike was finally able to find me one!

February 10th - Mike and I celebrated Valentine's Day, our 3 year anniversary of dating, and our one year anniversary of being engaged all in one night (since it's all within five days!) We went to dinner at Poblano Grill and then headed over to the dollar theater. (I'm a cheap date!) :) Then we went back to my apartment and made Valentine's cookies!

February 11th - I'm helping out my sister-in-law make decorations for my nieces 2nd birthday party on Saturday. My apartment is a CandyLand mess!

February 12th - 3 year anniversary, and still going!

February 13th - We found this strange little pixie stick thing at the mall. If only there were pictures of our faces when we ate it and realized all the flavors were sour... Not too pretty.

February 14th - Baseball is back at OC!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Project 365

On February 1st I began Project 365. The premise is simple: Take a picture every day for a year simply to document that year of your life. Most people do it from January-December, but I got a late start. I'm going for February-January. I will try and post my pictures from each week. It could be interesting!

So here's the first week!

February 1st - My line up every morning:
Quasense (helps with symptoms of endometrios)
Thermos (full of my daily milk intake to help battle the bone density loss symptom of the Lupron shots)
Slim-Fast (breakfast)
One Source (multi-vitamin)
B-100 (helps with symptoms of the Lupron shots)
Lactaid Pills (I'm lactose intolerant - need it for the Slim-Fast and milk)
Norethindrone (helps with symptoms of the Lupron shots)
Celebrex (helps with symptoms of endometriosis)
I feel like such an old woman sometimes!! :)

February 2nd - Mike throughly enjoyed using the scanner gun as we created our wedding registry.

February 3rd - I love to bake (cookies, cupcakes, etc.) Mike loves to cook (real food.) I decided I wanted to make some white chili for the Superbowl. Mike said he wasn't going to help me at all so I can learn to cook real food. So I had started the process until he got to my apartment and jumped right in the kitchen and started helping. I called him out on it and he simply said, "I can't help it! I just love cooking!!" So here is our white chili we made together.

February 4th - Preparing for my Counseling for Ministers test. (See Mom, I do study!!)

February 5th - Super Tuesday

February 6th - Mike has always tried to convince me that listening to the Sports Animal while we're in the car would pay off some day. I suppose it finally did. We got free lunch at Ron's Hamburgers!

February 7th - Roomie Date Night!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

It's Only Getting Closer!

Mike and I finally created our wedding registry yesterday. We spent about five hours out (including lunch) registering at Target and Bed Bath & Beyond. We thought we were doing well until a consultant at Bed Bath & Beyond told us we needed about 200 more things! We had no clue what else to get! It would have had to been individual toilet paper rolls at that point! We ended up just sticking with the things we had. Who knows, maybe we'll add more later.

We made it through the afternoon agreeing on almost everything. I believe the only time we came close to a dispute is when I tricked Mike into putting OSU coasters on the registry instead of the OU ones he wanted! He wasn't too pleased with me when he found out! :)

Overall it was a very fun day and I can't wait till we actually have all the wonderful things in our home!