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I am so happy being married and living with my best friend. We adopted our first child, Ari, in 2011 through a domestic adoption and our second, Jude, in 2014.

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Beginning of My Christmas Break

Pleurisy is a common thing to happen to me. No big deal. I just breath in warm air to calm it down and it's usually over in about 20 minutes. Well, this began happening to me Saturday night, so I covered up my nose to breath in some warm air, but it didn't go away. In fact, it lasted all night and I barely got any sleep. I woke up Sunday morning miserable, unable to go to church. The pain had gotten worse. I couldn't breath in at all without strong pains in my left ribs. It continued all day just getting worse and worse, and continuing into Monday. By Monday I could barely even talk without severe pains and getting out of breath very quickly.

My mother began to get afraid I could have pneumonia since the pain was not going away. On Tuesday we decided to visit a minor emergency room, since there was no way I would be able to get into my regular doctor this week. After much poking and prodding from the doctor, it was concluded that I had a pulled rib. Yes, a pulled rib. Who knew such a thing could happen?? Apparently the muscles under my rib are pulled so tightly and tensely that one of the ribs is raised.

Don't ask me how it happened, because I really have no clue how! I just know I'm now on pain pills and muscle relaxers and am feeling mighty fine! :)

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Fun, fun!

I've actually been told Helen Hunt before!

Monday, December 11, 2006

It's That Time of Year...

Saturday night Mike and I went on a date to relax before finals, since we know we'll barely be seeing each other this week! As part of our date we went to go see a movie.

So we arrived at the theatre, got in line, and waited to buy our tickets. Once it was our turn and we had our tickets Mike handed the man the money for our movie and he simply replied with, "It's already taken care of." We both looked at each other highly confused and then back at the man who had just said this to us. He then said, "Someone has paid for your ticket. Merry Christmas!" We were still highly confused, but didn't ask anything else in case he would change is mind!

We then decided to get some popcorn with the money we hadn't spent on the tickets. As we were in line for that I saw several times the women who was in front of us in the ticket line watching us and smiling so joyfully. It made me cry. And have warm fuzzies all over! Something like that had never happened to me before. I thought it just happened in movies! :) It was very nice to feel the sweet and giving kindness of a random stranger. That's certainly what this time of year is all about.

Friday, December 1, 2006

Make That Three Times...

Again, stay safe and warm everyone!