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I am so happy being married and living with my best friend. We adopted our first child, Ari, in 2011 through a domestic adoption and our second, Jude, in 2014.

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Project 365 #38

October 24th - Notice the hose running all the way from our front door into the bedroom closest. This began the 3+ hour process of fixing our leaking water heater, which just resulted in the entire thing being replaced.

October 25th - Robby and Chelsea's wedding.

October 26th - Ice cream always makes everything better.

October 27th - Chelsi was watching this girl and she wanted to iChat with me, and then asked to be my picture of the day. *lol*

October 28th - Chili for dinner, inspired by the great Danna Townsdin. (And I later found out my mom had chili for dinner the same night, which was also inspired by Danna! *lol*)

October 29th - Made up my schedule for my very last semester of school, ever. Yay!!

October 30th - New favorite flavor of gum.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Project 365 #37

October 17th - New Breast Cancer Awareness mug!

October 18th - Mike really likes the case that his "Iron Man" blu-ray came in.

October 19th - I just love Bath and Body Works soap!

October 20th - So Mike has this clock that he just recently setup that projects the time on the ceiling (or wall, or floor...wherever you want it.) It is currently on our ceiling and honestly, kinda freaks me out. haha! And yes, for some reason, we were up at 2:41 in the morning.

October 21st - Just grocery shoppin'.

October 22nd - So this is a restaurant that Mike has been wanting to try out for a really long time. We didn't really know anything about it, it just looked nice. Well, it turns out it was simply a cafeteria style buffet, and I think we were the youngest people in there by at least 20 years. haha!

October 23rd - Yes, that's right, I gave in. Everyone else was reading it! I just had to give it a shot.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Project 365 #36

October 10th - The pumpkin that Mike had his "little brother" carve for us.

October 11th - This was much needed therapy that week!

October 12th - Came into Tulsa for the weekend and got to hangout with my brother for a couple of hours at his work. It was really nice.

October 13th - Delicious fundraiser cookie dough! But I have learned that it is way too dangerous (and easy) for me to have pre-made cookie dough just sitting in my fridge... haha!

October 14th - My new favorite line of yogurt! There's many different "flavors" like Calm, Refresh, Energize, etc. I love them!

October 15th - For some reason I got some address labels in the mail from the Susan G. Komen foundation. Even though they're the wrong last name and wrong address, I will still be using them because they're just way too cute! haha!

October 16th - This is a new game on my phone that I can't stop playing. It is called Double Klondike and when you win all the clubs, hearts, etc. pop off the cards to spell out words. This time it was my name and I got really excited! haha!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Project 365 #35

October 3rd - I got this bracelet at On The Border the last time we ate there for making a donation to the Susan G. Komen foundation.

October 4th - And this is why I love working at the Disney Store...because if I'd like, I can wear a princess crown while I work!

October 5th - Breast Cancer Awareness Tic-Tacs!

October 6th - I just love this spray for my sheets!

October 7th - Mike and I were needing some good-sized dishes that we could use in the microwave. We realized we still had a Bed Bath & Beyond gift card from the wedding, so we found this there for only $20!

October 8th - I just love my fall leaves on the wall.

October 9th - This week was Greek Week at OC and this is a 500 jigsaw puzzle that Mike had his "little brother" put together. It took him about three days. *lol*

Friday, October 3, 2008

Project 365 #34

September 26th - Mike and Vanessa Thomas would like to introduce the latest addition to their family...a 40" Samsung LCD TV!

September 27th - We're very much an Apple family!

September 28th - We had quarterly meetings at work,which means a potluck! I brought Chocolate Bliss cookies.

September 29th - Mike got a birthday card in the mail from our cutie nieces.

September 30th - Girl Scouts cookie ice cream is back!!

October 1st - I love having Halloween decor out!

October 2nd - Watching the debate.