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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Life is Good

I think most people are familiar with the company Life is Good. They offer products with different pictures/scenes on them that always seem to be so happy, positive, adventerous, or relaxing. At least those are the things I feel when I look at them. It's really cute stuff and I've always loved it.

Well, the last week has just been a "Life is Good" kind of week. We had a lot going on the whole time, but it was all so much fun. We went to some new places we'd always wanted to go and we spent lots of time with great, cherished friends.

Every day since Thursday has just been the kind of day where you want to sit back and cherish every minute. It was packed full of the kind of moments that make you feel so happy, loved, and blessed. It was times that I hope I never forget.

Warning: Get ready for picture overload!

It all started with Thursday night at Josh's Sno Shack with these wonderful people. So yummy!

Oh yeah, it's that good!

Friday night we had great fun with these people eating some yummy food and playing fun games.

Saturday Morning Breakfast with the hubs! Old School Bagel, one of our favorites. I didn't think to take a picture until I was done. But trust me, my French Toast bagel was delicious!

After breakfast, we headed over to the Farmers Market. That was a first for us and we loved it! We're already planning on going back this Saturday.

Tons of yummy fresh produce everywhere.

Free wine tasting!

Live music with cute kids dancing.

Fresh flowers. Such a great place!

After that we took our sweet Rollie to the dog park. Another first for us! She definitely loved it.

The hubs and Rollie running around the park.

Making some friends via a butt-sniffing train!

Saturday evening was spent with these great people. Everyone even got babysitters, so it was just the adults for the night! These people have survived so many ups and downs together for almost 10 years. I am so blessed to know all of them and call them my closest friends.

Breakfast at Panera on Sunday morning before heading to church.

Sunday lunch with our besties. The hubs was encouraging Ryland to drum everywhere with his straws. His parents were thrilled! haha!

Late Sunday night the hubs and I, for some reason, both didn't feel like being at home. So where do you go at 9:30 at night? IHOP, of course! It was nice to just sit and talk while sipping on some coffee.

Monday was spent hanging out in Muskogee with a bunch of people. Just lots of swimming and eating good food! This was our caravan on the way.

Notice how I have my arms wrapped around myself. The pool water was freezing!!

Such a cutie. He was freezing too, but still didn't wanna get out of the water!

And today, to wrap these great days up, the hubs brought me a yummy lunch from Pizza Depot!

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