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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Leaping Leonard

Today I had the privilege of attending a reading of the children's book Leaping Leonard by the author himself, James Aaron Henley. The website for this book describes it as "a children's story about a boy who possesses supernatural leaping ability. His incredible feats of leaping make him an international star, but fame and fortune are not enough to satisfy his need to leap. The leaps become increasingly dangerous leading Leonard to attempt the unthinkable and risk all that is important." It is a great story with a great cause behind it all.

I get to work with Aaron (aka, Dr. Henley) at his office Owasso Pediatrics and also go to church with him. He just recently wrote this book to help support the ministry he is trying to get started, Bleeding Hearts Ministries. There are many different ideas and goals for this ministry to make an effort to serve struggling families in the Tulsa, OK area. "The dream is to bring a team of professionals and volunteers together in order to provide a support system for those wishing to embrace a life of meaningful spiritual change. It is intended to be a work of the Church outside the walls of church buildings."

The proceeds from the book sales of Leaping Leonard go towards the Bleeding Hearts Ministries. The cost is $20 and will help get this ministry off the ground. It is a wonderful children's book that will benefit the lives of others simply through your purchase. I definitely encourage you to check it out for yourself!

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