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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Another Birthday Year

Yesterday was my 23rd birthday. Birthday's, for myself personally, aren't a terribly big deal. They come and go quite quickly, but it's still nice to do a few things just to celebrate yourself. I had a very nice day with several people I love and whom I know love me as well.

I started off my day by getting to babysit my cutie patootie nieces and nephew. Sol was asleep for most of the time, but the girls and I got to have a great time together. Those kiddos have a very large piece of my heart and I love them so much! They are simply a joy to be around. It was truly a birthday present for me to get to just hang out with them! After Michael and Ashlee (my brother and sister-in-law) got back home, with a Sonic drink for me!, we all got to hang out for a little while. It was great to just be around some family I love on my birthday.

Later that night Mike and I went out to dinner at an Italian restaurant, Olivetto, with our good friends Chris, Amelia, Ryland, and Jerod.
None of us had ever been there before and I love Italian food, so they thought it would be a fun place

to go. It was very yummy food and we had a very fun waiter! He even personally sang "Happy Birthday" to me, slightly boy band style. The boys weren't very impressed, but us girls were... haha! We then got a deep dish cookie with ice cream on top for dessert, which came with five shot glasses of milk. It was so cute! It was a great restaurant and I will definitely be going back!

Like I said, my personal birthday isn't a very big deal to me. I like to just keep things simple, so this was a lovely day for me. I got to be around my loving husband, some of my family, and some of our best friends. What can be better than that?? I am very blessed and am thankful for another year to spend with all of these people.

Our deep dish cookie with shot glasses of milk

Toasting our shot glasses. Apparently Chris didn't want to...

Ryland eating some lemon

He makes the most awful/most cute faces ever when he takes bites! But I swear he likes them! lol He always wants more.

My Target brand cupcakes from the hubs. We love them so much and get them for each other every year! It's a bit of a tradition.

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