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Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Little of This, A Little of That...

This may be an extremely random blogpost, but I just have so many things that I want to write down and remember from this week. So I'm just going to write them out as they come to me. It may not all be coherent and it's probably going to be very long, but it's things that are important to me. So here we go...

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First and foremost, here's the story of how all this came to be.

As most people know, on July 20th we were matched with a birthmom (whom I will refer to as B). She was due with a baby boy on August 7th. We were thrilled, of course, and worked very quickly to get a nursery completely put together.

However, a week and a half later, starting on August 1st, our agency lost contact with B. They called, texted, went by her apartment, etc, but never seemed to be able to get ahold of her. They remained positive until the morning of August 8th, the day after her due date.

I emailed our agency worker that morning pretty much asking her opinion on the situation. She sent this back to me: "I don't think we are going to hear from her right now. Always possible she could take baby home and try to parent and then call, but no way of knowing. We will start showing your book again this week. I'm sorry Vanessa."

I was devastated, naturally, and spent the day at work trying to deal with all the emotions of needing to move on. However, around 5:00 that evening, as I was headed home from work, I got a call from our agency worker. The first thing she said was, "Guess who I'm texting with right now?"

Yes, that's right, B had suddenly made contact again, after an entire week of silence. She had not had the baby yet and assured our agency worker that she still wanted to go through with the adoption plan. And her reason for the silence? Simply because she didn't have access to a phone over the last week.

Going from the information from the morning to the information in the evening was enough to make it a crazy and exciting day. But it was just the beginning! At 11:20pm I got an email from our agency worker that said, "B is going to the hospital. She is contracting. I will call you when I know more...just FYI!!" Then just 30 minutes later the agency worker was calling me. I answered the phone and she said, "We have a baby! Would you like to come meet me at the hospital??"

Talk about a whirlwind of emotions! So we scrambled to grab our hospital bags that had already been packed for a week and made the quick drive to the hospital. We sat in the waiting room for about half an hour while our agency worker took care of details with B. Then we were taken back for me to get a hospital bracelet that allowed me to take care of Little Pirate while we stayed there.

The first time we saw Little Pirate was when the nurses took us back to the nursery where he was getting cleaned up. Funny thing though...they showed us into the room where he was, along with three other babies. We didn't know which one he was at first! haha! But we quickly figured it out and got to watch him get his first bath, first shot, and just about everything else.

Once that was over we got to take him back to our hospital room where I fed him his first bottle. It was such a wonderful time!

But this is getting way too long now and I'm not even done. haha! So I'll have to break this up into two parts. I'll end with some pictures and continue the story later.

Hanging out in the waiting room.

Our first sight of him!

First feeding

First family photo around 2:00am.


The Kellys said...

Beautiful. :)

Meredith said...

I sooo excited for you and your baby is just beautiful! We have one little boy who is actually 11 now! But, several years ago we tried to adopt and so many doors closed for us..it seemed it just wasn't what God wanted for us but we are very happy family of three!
So, seeing this just melts my heart for you...it's wonderful. ;0)

Justin Reeves said...

as a side note i love u cuz and before u right too much make sure u write everything correctly. and congrats guys im super happy for u

Vanessa said...

I know, I know. My mom already pointed it out for me to fix. I'm sleep deprived, so shush. ;) Love you too!

Lola Welch Priest said...

What a blessing this story is! I am not sure if you ever got to meet "B"? I do keep "B" in my prayers daily, even after the birth of precious "Little Pirate". Prayerfully thanking "B" for giving you and Mike the gift of "Little Pirate"! A beautiful and precious story. I cannot wait to see and hold him. Precious! Love You...

Vanessa said...

Yes, we actually did get to meet her! And it was truly a wonderful experience. That story will be in my next post. :) And I can't wait to have you meet him either!

Vanessa said...

And thank you for continuing to pray for her. :)

Lola Welch Priest said...

‎:D This makes me happy! Since we all cannot personally meet "B" and thank her for such a beautiful and precious gift, I am sending 'Prayer Hugs, Cards & Flowers" to "B". Oh I cannot wait to hold him either, and Ashlee Priest and Michael Priest babies; Charlee, Sol, Abijah and Ethne. Whew, I really do not feel I we have enough babies. More babies...Yes Please! Now if I could years later, still talk Bill into adopting a precious baby or getting a surrogate. Yes, please! ♥