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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Even Less of an Update

Nothing new to report, really.

Still no contact from birthmom. The agency is still hopeful that she'll call. There's a chance she'll go past her due date, which is tomorrow (August 7th). And there's also a chance that she wouldn't call until she's being discharged from the hospital, which means the baby would be two or three days old by then.

So, for myself, I think I'll be staying hopeful for a week past the due date. But beyond that, I'll start to let go.

The agency can't really put a timeline on this and say for sure when it's definitely over, so they're going to go ahead and start showing our profile again to other birthmom's. That doesn't really sound too hopeful of this situation to me. But who knows, there's always a chance.


Marcy Essary Martin said...

Vanessa, did the agency give you the birthmom's name? I was just wondering if you would be able to be checking the paper daily to see if she has given birth.

Vanessa said...

Yes, we know her first name. But you actually have to give consent now for the newspaper to publish birth information. So if she's hiding from the agency I doubt she'd allow a birth announcement to be published. But we have checked! lol

Marcy Essary Martin said...

I would keep checking; you never know!

Jeanne Reeves Priest said...

I've been checking every day, still am! ;)

Lori Rowe Miles said...

Has the agency gone to her home to try and check on her or do they not do that? We r stil in prayer that you guys will be blessed soon.

Vanessa said...

I know they've gone by her apartment at least once and she wasn't there. Don't know if they've tried again. Thank you for the prayers!

Bethanie said...

So sorry! Praying for you.

Jan Preston Green said...

Prayers continue!