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I am so happy being married and living with my best friend. We adopted our first child, Ari, in 2011 through a domestic adoption and our second, Jude, in 2014.

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Project 365 #31

September 5th - I love getting free things from work!

September 6th - An hour lunch break in the food court. Yeah, it's as boring as it sounds.

September 7th - Sunglasses, check. Glove, check. Seeds, check. Mike's ready for a Kappa softball game!

September 8th - For some reason I just love napping with football games on in the background. They're always my best naps.

September 9th - This is one of my most prized possessions. My adorable nieces made it for me (with help from their mother) right after I had surgery back in December. I just love it.

September 10th - Most people hate getting stopped by trains, but for some reason I just love it.

September 11th - Always remember 9/11.

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