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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Puzzle Update - Week 15

In Week 15 we sold 93 puzzle pieces! Holy cow!! That definitely set a new record. 71 of those pieces came from our puzzle party with some wonderful people in Bartlesville. Then, outside of that, we sold an additional 22 pieces throughout the week.

We had a special request from someone to be a part of the rock puzzle pieces, so we went ahead and completed that section. Then we went back to the bottom of the puzzle to work on the pillow heart section again.

So we have now put together a total of 350 pieces. Only 657 left to go!

As always, thank you to everyone so much for contributing to this. We really appreciate it and can't wait to spend time going over all the names with our child.

Again, please keep sharing this with everyone you know. We have been matched with a baby due August 7th and the fees are needing to be paid quickly. We are trying to finish the puzzle by the end of August, so spread the word! Thank you!!

1 comment:

Teresa Roy Perrey said...

Looks good, especially love the rock heart section that I want my family to donate. I will try to send a donation every month to cover more rock pieces.