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Monday, March 9, 2009

Gonna Leave This Town Behind, Edition #2

Today's adventure took Mike and I to Falcone's! I swear all of our places we go to won't be restaurants... haha! But this place is another one of our favorites here in Edmond. It is a true Italian pizzeria and is simply great! A funny story about this place...when it was being built the owner, Danny Falcone, wanted to have awnings put at the top with red, green, and white stripes to resemble the Italian flag. Well, here in Edmond decisions like that have to be approved by the city council. Unfortunately, they turned him down, so he showed his disapproval by hanging a sign right next to the menu that has the heading of "Your business is not welcome here..." and then individually names each person that was on that city council board! Don't mess with the Italians, people!

Mike got a slice of cheese pizza, which is so big that you have to fold it in half to eat it, as he is demonstrating here. haha!

I got a stromboli, which is just full of yummy deliciousness!

And if you go to Falcone's you have to get a cannoli! Well, I suppose you don't have to...it would probably be a smart decision not to get one considering how many calories are in those things... But since it was Mike and I's last time to eat there, we definitely had to get one!


Ashlee Priest said...

Falcone is the name of a bad guy in batman begins

Vanessa said...

This is true! But I think they're pronounced differently.