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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Birthday Time!

Yesterday, March 3rd, was my 22nd Birthday! It was definitely a wonderful and fun day! The fun actually started around 10:00 the night before when my husband mysteriously disappeared. He then reappeared around 11:00, not without first sending me a text message with a reminder that it was already my birthday on the East coast. haha! He then bursted through the door with cupcakes and flowers! It was so sweet and definitely made me smile. Then the next morning, not two minutes after my alarm had gone off, Mike came walking into the bedroom singing “Happy Birthday” while carrying a donut on a plate with birthday candles in it. And then, not even two minutes after that, I received a call from my mother with a chorus of 4th graders yelling “Happy Birthday Vanessa!” It was definitely a great way to wake up! Then just an hour after all of that my work called to tell me that they were cutting my shift for the day. That really had nothing to do with my birthday, but I decided to count it as their present to me!

Since Mike still had to work on my birthday we went out to celebrate tonight. All I really wanted for my birthday this year was a pair of Tom's Shoes (if you don't know what this is, please follow the link). So we headed over to Shoe Gypsy to see if they carried any that I wanted. Of course, they didn't, so we will just order a pair online (I think I'm going to get these!). After that we headed to Bricktown and had a very yummy dinner at Zio's followed by a simple walk around the area. It was quite nice, especially with how great the weather was today!

It has definitely been a great time of birthday celebrations and it’s not even over yet! Mike and I get to go into Tulsa this weekend and celebrate with family on Friday night and have another birthday celebration with friends on Saturday night. It has been and will continue to be a great birthday week!




Flaming donut!

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Shannon Wheeler said...

you guys are so cute. and you look beautiful. birthday weekends are so fun! happy birthday... and I love those shoes (especially on sale). I had the burlap-ish ones (not on sale :() and they scabbed the top of my feet. I'm sure yours will work out better.