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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

World Cup Madness

I know most of you check this blog for our infertility updates, but we try to make it a point to not let infertility be our lives. Therefore, we usually have a lot of other stuff going on! I plan to, hopefully, blog about all of that extra stuff while also keeping infertility updates on here whenever there's something new to tell. With that being said, onto World Cup Madness... :)

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The hubs loves soccer. Plain and simple. He his very passionate about it and pretty much is always talking about it. Fortunately, pretty much all of his guy friends feel the exact same way! And as for me, well, I love sports because the hubs loves sports!

Last Friday the World Cup kicked off (no pun intended) and made most of the wives in our group of friends "World Cup Widows" for the next month! Last Saturday the US played against England. That was a pretty big and exciting game so we decided we definitely needed to have a party for it! There were even early games (6:00 am & 9:00 am) that some guys came over for! We grilled out all day, ate lots of food, relaxed, and just enjoyed watching soccer with some of our best friends. All together we had 11 adults and 4 children for the day. It was a great time and we were really happy to have everyone over!

Some yummy sauce for the wings!!

The hubs grilling the chicken wings.

Me and the Grill Master!

That would be the hubs and my brother taking the bench off our swing so they could use the frame as a goal while the guys played around outside! haha!

They just crack me up! Boys will be boys and there's just not much you can do to change that. (Not that I'd even want to!) :)

Some of the food line up!

I love baking and, of course, had to make some treats for the day! Here we have Symphony Brownies, Strawberry Cake Balls, and Butterfinger Brownies.

Game watching time!

More game watching! (And no, that flag isn't always hanging off of our fireplace mantle. That was the hubs's touch of decorating for the party! haha!)

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