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I am so happy being married and living with my best friend. We adopted our first child, Ari, in 2011 through a domestic adoption and our second, Jude, in 2014.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Project 365 #18

My post is coming a little early this week. I figured that since I'm getting married in four days and all I might be busy the next few days. So here are a few pictures from this week and the next one I make will be the wedding and honeymoon edition!

June 6th - Mom working hard on last minute wedding details.

June 7th - Mike and I going out on our last date ever as a dating couple.

June 8th - Things are getting more official; we have a marriage license!

June 9th - We had the famous Deep Fried Taco Night (yes, you read that right) at my grandparents house for my cousin Justin who is soon leaving for Okinawa, Japan with the Marines.

June 10th - A very happy day...I got shot #6 (the last one!!) of my Lupron. I am now done with it all!


Shane Coffman said...

Hope you are enjoying the honeymoon cruise!

Shane Coffman said...

Oh, and I just want to point out that I'm the first one to change you name to "Vanessa Thomas" on my link.

; )