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I am so happy being married and living with my best friend. We adopted our first child, Ari, in 2011 through a domestic adoption and our second, Jude, in 2014.

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Beginning of My Christmas Break

Pleurisy is a common thing to happen to me. No big deal. I just breath in warm air to calm it down and it's usually over in about 20 minutes. Well, this began happening to me Saturday night, so I covered up my nose to breath in some warm air, but it didn't go away. In fact, it lasted all night and I barely got any sleep. I woke up Sunday morning miserable, unable to go to church. The pain had gotten worse. I couldn't breath in at all without strong pains in my left ribs. It continued all day just getting worse and worse, and continuing into Monday. By Monday I could barely even talk without severe pains and getting out of breath very quickly.

My mother began to get afraid I could have pneumonia since the pain was not going away. On Tuesday we decided to visit a minor emergency room, since there was no way I would be able to get into my regular doctor this week. After much poking and prodding from the doctor, it was concluded that I had a pulled rib. Yes, a pulled rib. Who knew such a thing could happen?? Apparently the muscles under my rib are pulled so tightly and tensely that one of the ribs is raised.

Don't ask me how it happened, because I really have no clue how! I just know I'm now on pain pills and muscle relaxers and am feeling mighty fine! :)


Shane Coffman said...

I'm glad you're feeling better.

Ask your mom about pulling muscles by doing nothing more than breathing...and taking voice lessons.

Vanessa said...

haha! Oh yes! I suppose it runs in the family!