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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Prayers, Please

Last night the hubs and I did a little shopping at the mall. I actually hate going to the mall, but I had some birthday money and good coupons...the combo was too much to resist. We ended up being there a little longer than expected, so we decided to get some dinner in the food court.

As we began to wander around the food court trying to decide what to eat, I saw something I will never forget. It caught my eye right away.

I saw a man and two children sitting at one of the many tables. The man's back was to me and I could see the children's faces. Just from seeing the back of him, I could tell that the man was tense and angry. Then I saw the child's face (who was probably no older than 8) that was the object of his anger. I will never forget his face. Terror. Shame. Complete and utter sadness.

As I continued to walk around the food court, pretending to decide on a place to eat, I made a point to walk past their table. It was then that I heard every cuss word imaginable used multiple times. It was all put together to make the point clear that this child was worthless and deserved nothing in life.

I was in complete shock. I didn't know what to do. I desperately wanted to say something. But I didn't want to bring any harm onto my family as I was standing there holding my son. To say that this man was scary and shady looking is quite an understatement.

I also was afraid of simply angering him more and him taking it out on the children later. Fear paralyzed me. I will never be able to decide what the best thing is that I should have done.

Our family sat down at a table and the man and two children left just a few minutes later. I immediately started crying. I couldn't hold it in. Like I said before, I will never forget the fear and sadness that was on the child's face. So I just sat there and cried in the middle of the food court.

I kept hoping that a camera crew from ABC's show "What Would You Do?" was going to pop up out of nowhere, assure me that everything was staged, and ask my opinion on the situation. But there were no cameras, no lights, no friendly TV host.

After I was able to dry up my tears a little bit, I held my son tight. I hugged him. I kissed him. I told him over and over again how important and special he was.

Then I prayed. It was the only thing I could safely do in that situation. And that's the point of this post. To ask for prayers. Please pray for this little boy...for his safety, protection, and self-esteem. Please also pray for that man...for his anger issues, for his heart, and for his self-esteem as well.

I'm not sure the guilt will ever leave for not saying anything. But the fear of the child having more repercussions later because of my actions stopped me. So all that's left to do is pray. I beg everyone that's reading this to please just pray.


The Kellys said...

There was nothing you could have done, no good choice in that situation. Like you already said, it probably would have made it worse and put you and your family in danger. I've dealt with those types of personalities in my life and, while difficult to get past, it's very possible that that little boy will grow up to be a strong, independent young man and eventually a kind and caring father. Praying!

Heather McDonald Lonergan said...

So heartbreaking..I will pray!

Wendy Donaho said...

Ty you for sharing. Prayers are on their way.

Carol Meller James said...

So sad, made me cry too. Said a prayer.............

Lori Connell said...

so hard to know what to do, but, in prayer is a great place to for that child. I am sad too. Thanks for sharing and allowing us to approach God on behalf of this family.

Tammy Bowers said...

Praying for God's intervention...He is faithful and knows better than we do exactly what needs to happen and how. You are faithful to His gift He has given you, dear one. Don't lose sight of what you are already doing for something satan wants you to feel powerless over. Our God is greater than that, and prayer is a powerful, satan defeating tool!

Christi Nix Bloomer said...

Sending prayers.

Lola Welch Priest said...

Vanessa, presently I have tears falling and my heart is breaking for this precious child. But this is not about my heart, this is about the precious heart and spirit of this precious child! I will be praying for this precious child and praying for this man, praying that God will intervene and rescue and heal this child and family. I pray this child will feel and know real love, Gods love! I pray that this man will find Gods love and learn to know Gods love as well as learn to love this precious child. I pray that this child will feel Gods love and know that his worth is so much more than what he has been led to feel and believe from this man. Praying praying praying praying!

Alicia Murray said...


Holley Mize Campbell said...

I love your sweet tender heart.

Bethanie said...

I experianced something similar in a movie theater once. A man was being irrate with a little boy a few rows in front of us. Then he picked up the little boy and slammed him down into his seat. My husband had to hold me down in my seat to keep me from running up there and jumping on the guy. Thankfully the mother had apparently had enough and picked up her child and left the guy watching his movie. I pray that she locked him out of her house or something. Praying for this other little boy as well.